Channel - Convocation Spring 2020
1/22/2022 6:50:08 AM

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Blackboard Discussion Boards
Interested in leveraging Blackboard Discussions as part of your course? Discussions allow instructors to create opportunities that engage students in the online environment. Learn how to set up discussions and discover best practices for designing effective discussion topics.
Kevin Dranuski, Senior Instructional Designer
3/24/2020 2:51:52 PM

Dr. O.E.R.s Old Tyme Medicine Show and Textbook Relief - Convocation 2020
Experience the magical healing powers of Open Educational Resources! Hear from faculty who have adopted them, how to find and locate OERs, and how the Library and the CLEs can help you.
Jeff Rodgers
5/14/2020 2:30:44 PM

Effective online Strategies for Students with Disabilities - Convocation 2020
This session will provide a clearer picture of who our Tri-C SAS students are in terms of their disabilities and the challenges they face with remote learning. We will also provide helpful tips and strategies for creating and teaching online courses as we move forward as a College.
Lisa Husamadeen
5/21/2020 2:10:26 PM

Faculty Share Session - Convocation 2020
Grab a cup of tea or coffee and your afternoon snack, then join in this informal, faculty-led discussion. This session provides an opportunity for faculty to share their experiences this semester, exchange resources and ideas, and engage in collegial support.
Faculty Development Coordinators
5/14/2020 3:38:09 PM

Finding and Using an Open Educational Resource
Interested in finding out what free and open resources are available for your online courses? Learn more about the many open educational resources (OER) available to you, and see how your colleagues are using these resources. In these challenging times, free learning resources can help ease the financial burden on our students
Sarah Greywitt
4/29/2020 12:38:02 AM

FLC Research on Faculty Engagement and Equitable Learning Environments - Convocation 2020
Research has shown that the learning environment enhances student success. Members of the FLC on Ethnicity and Culture will describe the PERTS Student Engagement Project, which involves surveying students throughout the semester and implementing activities aimed at student-instructor connection, understanding the relevance of the course material, and feedback for growth based on the survey data.
Roberta Hendrick
5/14/2020 3:33:17 PM

FYE Share Session - Convocation 2020
First Year Experience representatives lead a faculty share session reflecting on the GEN-1070 FYE seminar and future initiatives. Participants will have an opportunity to review data and feedback from a recent faculty survey, explore best practices and offer future recommendations for the program as it continues to evolve.
FYE Curriculum and Training Committee
5/14/2020 3:12:20 PM

Getting Started in the Garden - Convocation 2020
Need more spare thyme this season? Grow your own garden! Get tips for early/mid-spring edible plant gardening and venture further into the summer.
Jim Funai
5/10/2020 1:16:39 AM

Improving Student Engagement with Course Videos - Convocation 2020
Video is an excellent tool for presenting content to students in an asynchronous, online environment. There are numerous strategies for planning, creating and implementing videos that help students pay attention, keep them engaged and even assess their understanding along the way. Investigate and identify elements of an engaging course video, learn techniques to create effective videos, and explore strategies to increase student engagement.
Heather Young Manjuano
5/14/2020 8:28:20 PM

Increasing Student Participation in Webex - Convocation 2020
Many faculty who have utilized Webex as a teaching tool in the past semester have voiced their frustration around encouraging students to participate as they would in a classroom. With a decade of experience teaching via video conference, instructional technologist Heather Young Mandujano will share her expertise and quick tips for encouraging participation. Participants will also explore Webex tools including polling, annotation and media sharing.
Heather Young Manjuano
5/14/2020 8:27:15 PM

Navigating Conflict Mindfully in Our Altered Environment - Convocation 2020
Conflict is an unavoidable reality. We all deal with conflict in the classroom, workplace and at home. With the heightened sense of anxiety and stress so many of us are experiencing right now, as well as the shift to working virtually, everyday tensions and conflict may look and feel different. Get helpful insights and tools for engaging and navigating interpersonal tension and conflict mindfully
Ty Olson
5/15/2020 6:21:59 PM

Stress and Wellness - Help Is Here - Convocation 2020
Stress is a natural part of life. However, when our lives are turned upside down due to a pandemic, changing rules and regulations, and anxious students, how do we as professionals cope? Attend this informative, interactive presentation to learn about stress, how we handle it (and sometimes don’t), and how to tackle stress head-on with a focus on wellness.
David Nardecchia
5/14/2020 3:37:08 PM

Take a Stretch and Posture Break from Behind your Computer
You Deserve a Break Today! Be kind to your mind and body by taking time away from your workstation to incorporate this 15-minute stretch and posture routine. The self-myofascial release techniques and stretches will help to enhance circulation, improve mobility to the tissues, and enhance joint health. The posture tips will help you learn to create a good, ergonomic working environment that will protect your spine and overall physical and mental health. Be kind to yourself and take time out of your busy work day to do this routine - You deserve it!
Holly Clemens
5/12/2020 12:37:57 PM

Using Rubrics to Manage Your Online Course - Convocation 2020
Rubrics benefit both students and instructors. Learn how to create a rubric in Blackboard and discover how rubrics help you assess more consistently, save time grading, and clarify assignment expectations and components.
Aimee Pearce, Senior Instructional Designer
5/15/2020 6:43:10 PM

Webex Advanced Features
Once you know how to set up a Webex meeting and connect with your students, it’s helpful to explore the advanced features available to enhance the experience. Review Webex basics and discover how to use some of its advanced features, including whiteboard, media sharing, annotating and polling. Faculty Forum Discussion from 4/8/2020.
Heather Young Manjuano
4/9/2020 6:26:28 PM

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